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Colorado seniors can renew driver licenses online

Information and photo provided by Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is expanding online services which is allowing the DMV to bring even more essential services to Coloradans wherever they are. Part of that expansion is empowering seniors to renew their driver licenses online.

With the implementation of the Driver’s License Electronic Renewal By Seniors Act (HB21-1139), Colorado seniors now have the permanent ability to renew their driver license or identification card online.

Coloradans ages 66 and older can renew their driver license or ID online at or via myColorado – the State of Colorado’s official mobile app at

The new law also adjusts the process for renewing driver licenses online. Now Coloradans who are older than 21, but younger than 80, must attest that they have had an eye examination within one year before renewing their driver license online. Previously, Coloradans had to attest to having had an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist within the last three years.

Additionally, Coloradans who are older than 80 and renewing their driver license electronically will need to obtain a signed statement from an optometrist or ophthalmologist attesting that the person renewing their license has had an eye examination within six months and the results of the examination. This statement will need to be uploaded as part of the online renewal application process. To obtain a confidential eye examination report form, visit

Coloradans who are concerned about an elder family member’s ability to drive should email for information about a re-examination request due to physical or mental constraints.

For a complete list of online DMV services, visit



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