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Commissioners provide local voice beyond Douglas County

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Douglas County Commissioners represent constituents on more than 30 additional boards and commissions at the local, regional, state and national level. They sit at a larger policy table, ensuring that the interests of Douglas County residents are heard.

“Through direct citizen engagement, citizen survey results and more, we are well aware of the priorities of Douglas County citizens and recognize the importance of our informed and unified voice when representing Douglas County,” said George Teal, commissioner for District II.

Yearly, each of the three commissioners have a set of boards and committees they work with – dividing and conquering to represent the County across a multitude of areas that impact the residents they represent.

“From transportation to public safety; from natural resources such as water, land and wildlife, to public health; from human services to housing and more, we are at the table and involved in the local, regional and national public policy debates impacting our County throughout the year,” said Commissioner for District I Abe Laydon, board vice chair.

For example, Commissioner Lora Thomas for District III serves on the Douglas County Mental Health Initiative. She collaborates with community partner organizations working to address unmet mental health needs, connect people to mental health services and prevent those in need from falling through the cracks of the mental health system.

Laydon was appointed to the National Association of Counties Transportation Policy Steering Committee. He participates in discussions pertaining to federal transportation legislation, funding and regulation, and specific impacts on county governments.

Teal represents Douglas County during legislative debates on the Colorado Counties, Inc., a nonprofit membership association that encourages county commissioners to work together on common issues like public lands, agriculture, wildlife and rural affairs. He also serves on taxation and finance steering committees.

“We believe that a key attribute of a high performing board is in our ability to extend our influence beyond our borders to benefit those we were elected to serve, consistent with the desired outcomes in our Board’s core priorities for this County,” said Thomas.

Additionally, all commissioners share in the Board’s responsibility for the County’s role with the Denver Regional Council of Governments, the Partnership of Douglas County Governments, Colorado Counties, Inc., the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, and the Metro Area County Commissioners.

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