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Community Cleanup in Castle Pines

Photo of Millennial volunteers joining their former boss to help pull weeds.

Millennial volunteers joined their former boss to help pull weeds at a local park. “Whatever you need, boss man,” was the sentiment of the day.

Clean up of the playground

There is no question Castle Pines is a beautiful place to live, and residents are committed to keeping it that way.

On July 16, members of the community volunteered a few hours of their Saturday to pick up litter and pull weeds at neighborhood parks throughout the city.

Tapadero resident Daniel Kelliher noticed while walking his dog that the park by his house needed some TLC, so he decided to take action. “It’s easy to complain about things we are not happy about in our community,” said Kelliher. “I’ve always said, ‘you can be part of team bitching or team pitching in,’” and Kelliher and a few former employees chose the latter.

Kelliher praised the younger generation – who he said often times gets a bad rap as being lazy – for their willingness to volunteer and step up. “They don’t even work for me anymore, but I called them and asked for their help and they were more than willing to lend a hand,” he said. Kelliher challenged, “If we all do our part, we can make a difference in the community.”

The Castle Pines North Metropolitan District provided safety equipment, breakfast snacks and drinks for volunteers who collected trash at local parks; a similar event is planned for the fall.

Families, friends and community join to clean up Castle Pines.




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