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Court Hears Incorporation Revenue Sharing Agreement

by Lane Roberts

As of press time, Douglas County District Court was set to hold a brief hearing on the “Revenue Sharing and Settlement Agreement” between Castle Pines North (CPN) and Castle Pines Village (VILLAGE).

The agreement, heard by the court on July 25, was signed on June 7 by representatives from both CPN and the VILLAGE after six months of negotiations.

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The two communities have held numerous meetings in an effort to reach a solution regarding the disputed commerical area along Castle Pines Parkway. Both CPN and the VILLAGE included the 65 businesses in their proposed incorporation boundary maps filed with their petitions to incorporate last December.

Why did CPN choose to negotiate with the VILLAGE?

According to CPN Preservation Committee Leader and Master Association Board President Maureen Shul, the Committee has strived to reach an amicable and workable solution that would benefit CPN and protect area businesses. “We entered into this searching for a common ground with our neighbors,” said Shul. “Without a compromise, we would have two warring communities with the business district suffering the effects for many years to come.”



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