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CPN HOAs Work to Implement Senate Bill 100

The Castle Pines North community consists of more than 30 homeowner associations (HOA).

HOA board members throughout the area are currently working to implement operations and policy changes required by a new Colorado law, Senate Bill 100.

HOAs throughout the state are evaluating the law’s many requirements which affect communication, disclosures and policies.

What does Senate Bill 100 Include?

Portions of the law which went into effect in June include: guidelines for HOA regulations related to Xeriscaping; Displaying of flags and political signs; and, fire protection measures including roofing materials and approval of homeowners’ plans for defensible fire space.

More complex provisions, which take effect January 1, 2006, require all HOAs to assess and possibly modify their operating procedures. The new law also requires: disclosures and communication with current and prospective homeowners; policies for HOA operations; and procedures for managing covenant enforcement and architectural plan approvals.

How does this Affect CPN’s Homeowner Associations?

All HOAs in Castle Pines North, including the Master Association, must analyze provisions of Senate Bill 100 in combination with each association’s governing documents and adopt required policies. In addition, the CPN Master Association formed a task force for all HOAs to collaborate and share information related to compliance with the new law.

HOAs Utilize Master Association’s Communications Tools

Part of the intent of Senate Bill 100 is improved communication between homeowner associations and residents. As HOAs evaluate the law’s requirements, more are choosing to use the free, readily available HOA communication tools provided by the Master Association. While many HOAs within the community discover their current practices meet the intent of most items in the new law, it also requires additional communication and disclosures.

HOA communication tools provided by the Master Association this year, prior to the law’s passage, will provide streamlined communication solutions to HOAs, at no charge. HOAs are utilizing neighborhood-specific websites to post documents, sending e-mail alerts to notify residents of meetings, and submitting HOA information to The Connection to publish management addresses.

For More Information:

To find your neighborhood HOA site use the CPN Master’s HOA Finder. Contact your neighborhood HOA board regarding website content.

For more information about Senate Bill 100 or HOA communication tools including neighborhood HOA websites, or neighborhood e-mail alerts, please visit the SB100 Committee web page or contact HOA Update at, or call 303-482-3078.



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