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DCS Montessori Middle School under way

The middle school building at DCS Montessori is under construction and is expected to be finished after the winter break.

Article and photo by Lisa Crockett

Seventh and eighth graders at the DCS Montessori (DCSM) in Castle Pines should have a new place to call home by the first of the year, according to Mike Catalano, the teacher who oversees the middle school. The new facility is under construction just west of the existing DCSM primary school on Castle Pines Parkway.

“We think we should be able to move into the new building after our winter break,” said Catalano. “The new building is about 6,000 square feet, which is one large classroom with four smaller lesson rooms for smaller groups.”

The building’s open floor plan reflects the Montessori teaching method.

“In the middle school there is a real focus on working as a community,” said Catalano. “This building will be the place students live and work during the day.”

Currently, there are 32 middle school students with three teachers at DCSM. The new facility will be able to accommodate nearly double that number of students, and teaching staff is expected to grow to five.

“It’s been fascinating to see how important this is to the families at our school,” said Catalano. “Even parents of three- and four-year-old students are interested in what is happening. We’ve had so much support in doing this.”



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