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Destination imagination for RHMS

Team “That Was Easy” is looking forward to competing at the Destination Imagination State Competition. Left to right: Ethan Taub, Landon Hogue, Nick Lombardi and Adam Kohl. Photo courtesy of Christina Kohl.

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan

Rocky Heights Middle School took its first Destination Imagination teams to the Regional Tournament on March 10th.

The “That Was Easy” team competed in a structural challenge called “Hold It” where they created a balsa wood structure with a large weight stack on it.

The structure weighed only 38.6 grams, but held 310 pounds in the competition before time ran out, and ultimately was able to support 500 pounds.

The four-person 6th grade team took second place in the tournament and will advance to the State tournament on April 14th. The “Golden Zesty Jalapeno” team did not advance to the State tournament, but enjoyed their experience as well.



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