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Discover Denver from A to Z with local author

Kitty Migaki: “When I was ten, I wanted to write children’s books and be a librarian. I love that I ended up doing something I wanted to do as a child!” remarked author Kitty Migaki.

By Amy Shanahan, photos courtesy of Kitty Migaki

Kitty Migaki sees letters of the alphabet in all aspects of the world around her. Her clever insight and imagination have resulted in a wonderful book for adults and children of all ages called Alphabet Denver.

Migaki, a resident of McArthur Ranch, was studying photography when she noticed the “L” shape of the building at the Tabor Center. It inspired her to begin looking for other letters in downtown Denver, and the quest was on! After being encouraged by friends and family, Migaki decided to self publish a book of her photographs. Other “little gifts” as she calls them, or ideas came as the work progressed, and the book became what it is today; a collection of photos, poems and GPS coordinates which allow others to hunt for the letters themselves.

The three components of the book make it appealing to all ages. The photos of the letters of the alphabet are whimsical, and creative. Each letter has its own page layout and also contains a poem. Ten styles of poems are used throughout the book, including acrostic poems, haiku, limerick and alliteration. The right hand corner of each page gives GPS coordinates, so that those interested can go in search of the letters throughout downtown Denver.

“This book crosses age boundaries,” remarked Migaki. “It keeps everyone engaged by providing a learning opportunity and good memories!”

Migaki is a former marketing executive and her skills are obvious in the small, thoughtful details of the book. Actual addresses of the letters are listed at the back of the book, and letters are color coded to indicate which are close to each other. Photo stickers of the letters are also available directly from her website.

This unique book is perfect for visitors, teachers, grandparents, and explorers looking for an adventure filled day. For more information, or to purchase the book directly from Migaki, visit The book is also available at the Denver Art Museum, the Tattered Cover, The Bookies, and Barnes and Noble.

**Note to readers:
The Castle Pines Connection would like to challenge our readers to a “search for ABC scavenger hunt” inspired by the book Alphabet Denver.  The author, Kitty Migaki is taking photos of letters around Castle Pines, and providing the GPS coordinates for this hunt. Can you find the letter “A” at the following GPS coordinates? If so, please take a picture of yourself by the letter and send it to editor.

GPS coordinates for the letter “A” 39.4654 longitude and -104.8855 latitude

A is always first. Up-side, Down-side, left-side, Right-side. A is always first.

Front cover of Migaki’s book. The letter “B” made an impression when the building was lit up at night. She loved it so much she put it on the front cover of Alphabet Denver.



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