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Dream Girl World


Avery Kuna promoting her T-shirt with an emblem she created, inspired by Harry Styles and the cities he is visiting on tour this year. Her business, Dream Girls World, has taken off since she launched in April.

Avery Kuna was 13 years old when she launched her online sticker and T-shirt business. Inspired by singer and international sensation Harry Styles, who is touring America this year, her dad encouraged her to become an entrepreneur.

“My dad and I were sitting in the car and he told me I should make Harry Styles T-shirts and stickers for all of the locations he will be touring,” said Kuna. “After starting my business, I hired my dad as my marketing director and my mom as my “momager.”

Dream Girls World officially launched last April when Kuna made a video of herself creating the stickers on TikTok and she subsequently received 100,000 views and lots of purchase orders.

“My business blew up on TikTok in April and did again at the beginning of August,” shared Kuna.

Kuna draws all of her stickers by hand. Most of her stickers are grumpy teddy bears that are wearing apparel where Harry Styles will be performing.

Most of the stickers she creates are grumpy teddy bears that are wearing apparel that reflect the city where Styles will be performing. Many of the buyers purchase the stickers to coincide with the concert they are attending. The stickers range in price from $1.50 to $5 and the T-shirts with her print on them are $28. As anyone with teenagers knows, it’s in vogue to put stickers on phone cases, laptops and water bottles, to name a few.

Kuna, a freshman at Valor Christian High School, draws all of her stickers by hand on her iPad with her Apple Pen. She uses an inkjet printer to print them and a Cricut machine to die cut the stickers.

Kuna says she gets many of her ideas from Pinterest and Styles’ official merchandise, especially with his recent collaboration with Gucci. “I spend hours scrolling through Pins of stuff I am interested in,” she said.

To market her products, Kuna uses Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. “I spend time making quality TikToks for my business that target a specific audience of people who have the same interests as me.” She also sends her promos to popular TikTok creators for free in exchange for promotion.

Kuna is proud of her products and especially likes the packaging. “The order comes in a white envelope filled with heart-shaped confetti; it’s sealed with a heart wax stamp, plus a thank you card, a card with the definition of a dream girl, and of course the stickers, T-shirts, etc.,” said Kuna.

In addition to her packaging, she really enjoys hearing her phone make the “ca-ching” sound when she gets an order. In mid-August, she launched a new sticker series and made $1,000 in 1 day.

Kuna credits her parents for motivating her to start Dream Girls World. She said she had trouble designing her website in the beginning and wanted to quit but her parents pushed her on. Kuna says, “I would definitely tell other young entrepreneurs to never give up.”

In the future, Kuna plans to make keychains and water bottles to add to her selection of merchandise.

When Kuna isn’t creating, she likes to be with friends, read and swim. She is on the Village Stingrays swim team and plans to join Valor High School’s swim team this fall.

Kuna, who turned 14 in July, concluded her interview with a quote from Styles, “Be a lover; choose love; give love; love everyone, always.”

To see what Kuna has created, visit or Instagram, @dreamgirlsworldbyave.

By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Avery Kuna




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