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E-470 says keep the change starting in July

by Terri Wiebold

No more cash or coin payments accepted

Since E-470 opened in 1991, customers using the toll highway have had the option of paying either by cash or with EXpressToll transponders. Beginning in July, that will change, and customers can keep their change.

Effective July 4, 2009, coin and currency payment will no longer be available on E-470. Payment will be made only through an EXpressToll account or License Plate Toll bill. If customers do not have an EXpressToll transponder, the owner of the vehicle will receive a “License Plate Toll” invoice.

E-470 added License Plate Toll invoicing in January of this year. For any vehicle traveling without an EXpressToll transponder, cameras photograph the front and rear license plates, and E-470 sends a bill one month later to the registered owner of the vehicle for all the tolls incurred during that period.

Payment must be received by the date specified on the bill, or the transactions listed on the statement will become toll violations. Citations for each toll will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner.

Customers with EXpressToll transponders in their vehicles will not experience a change in how they pay, but they will receive a discounted toll rate for using a transponder. These charges are automatically deducted from individual pre-paid toll accounts. Currently, more than 70 percent of E-470’s toll payments are made with EXpressToll.

According to statements published by E-470, “Removing stop-and-start cash toll collection and adding License Plate Toll payments will enhance the safety, speed and convenience of the E-470 driving experience.”

Additionally, “Non-stop tolling is environmentally-friendly because stop-and-go traffic, as well as idling in cash lanes, will be eliminated. It also saves fuel consumption by not having to stop.”

To learn more about E-470, go to or call 303-537-3470. For information about how to pick up an E-470 Transponder at local grocery stores, go to



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