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E-470 Tolls to Increase

Travelers on E-470 will need some extra change in their car beginning January 1, 2006. Most toll booths along E-470 will increase by 25 cents.

Ten booths currently charge 75 cents and will not see an increase in the coming year. The rates at the five main toll plazas, along with 22 ramp toll booths that currently charge 50 cents, will increase. Travelers can expect to pay a total of $9.75 to drive the entire 47 miles of E-470.

Rate increase will fund the $29 million E-470 fly-by addition that will let north and southbound travelers by-pass the traffic signals found at the I-70 interchange. Another possibility the highway authority board of directors is considering is an $18 million ramp from northbound E-470 to westbound I-70.

Although there was talk to provide lower rates for travelers using a transponder, the idea was voted down; however, it was suggested that the toll authority consider this as an option before the next scheduled rate increase in 2009.

With this increase, E-470 will be one of the most expensive toll road per mile in the United States.

To find out more about obtaining a transponder for E-470 visit their website at



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