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Election Commission Presents Code of Civility to CPN Candidates

The Castle Pines North Election Commission has developed the following “Code of Civility” pledge for candidates running for the nine positions in the first election for the new City of Castle Pines North.

This code was developed specifically for CPN using the Code of Civility Pledge that was created by the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado. The Code was mailed to all candidates on February 1, 2008 by Interim City Clerk Dick Lichtenheld. Candidates who have signed this Code to date are provided below.


Honesty: I pledge to conduct my campaign in an open, positive manner and by focusing on the issues. I will present my views, beliefs, experiences and public record, and how these differ from those of my opponents, with honesty and truthfulness.

Respect: I will not use or permit the use of character defamation or make scurrilous attacks on any candidate or a candidate’s personal or family life. I acknowledge that open, public discussion of candidates’ ideas is the truest means of giving voters a fair choice between and among candidates.

Civic Values: I affirm the right of every citizen to participate fully in the democratic electoral process without fear or intimidation. I acknowledge that values best contribute to our public life when they inspire common effort, work for reconciliation, promote community and responsibility, and uphold the dignity and equal rights of all human beings.

Tolerance: I repudiate any campaign tactic that advocates exclusion, intolerance or which appeals to prejudice or discrimination based upon race, creed, gender or partisan affiliation.

Responsibility: I will take full and personal responsibility for all advertising created and communicated on behalf of my campaign and will be prepared to document any claims made in my campaign materials. I will not condone third-party advertising that does not uphold the principles contained in this code, and I will publicly denounce, in a timely fashion, such efforts instituted without my knowledge.

In the spirit of these values, I pledge to adhere to this Code of Civility.



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