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Elections 2004

Douglas County voters echoed State of Colorado voters in almost all races and issues except the contest for U.S. Senate. (County voters leaned heavily toward Pete Coors over winner Ken Salazar.)

County voters approved measures to increase the tobacco tax, extend funding for the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, and fund expanded light rail. They very narrowly approved renewable energy, but gave a thumbs-down to changing Colorado’s

Electoral College system and to lifting limits on builder liability.

Complete election results for Douglas County can be found at

A report of Douglas County voting in selected races follows:

U.S. President
Bush / Cheney REP 79117 66.47%
Kerry / Edwards DEM 38958 32.73%
Nader / Camejo CRP 406 0.34%

U.S. Senator
Pete Coors REP 71763 60.76%
Ken Salazar(won state election) DEM 44689 37.84%

Sixth Congressional
Tom Tancredo REP 74377 64.80%
Joanna L. Conti DEM 39020 34.00%

State Senate District 4
Jim Miller DEM 11397 29.96%
Tom J. Wiens REP 26645 70.04%

House Rep District 45
Penny Burley DEM 9702 29.54%
James R. Sullivan REP 22267 67.79%

County Commissioners District II
Douglas Gilbert DEM 33227 31.69%
Steven A. Boand REP 71637 68.31%

County Commissioners District III
Ernie Felix DEM 30108 29.15%
Melanie Worley REP 73171 70.85%

Of the registered voters in Douglas County, 94 percent participated. How many Castle Pines North residents voted? That information will be available after results have been certified, no later than November 12. So stay tuned to find out more about the level of participation in our community.



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