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Faith, family and fitness

By Celeste McNeil; photo courtesy of the Kamel family

Photo of Kamel family

The Kamel family serves their community and their church together.

Faith, family and fitness are the pillars that frame Perry and Lindsay Kamel’s world. These three cornerstones have continually defined the Kamels’ lives.

Active members of Journey Church, the Kamel family is community conscious. They moved to Castle Pines 14 years ago from Maryland after looking at one another and both asking, “Colorado?” With no previous ties to Colorado, Perry recalled, “That started an adventure of a lifetime as we uprooted our family and landed here just one month later. It’s been an incredible journey and a great blessing.”

Raising their children Grayson, Sydney and Taylor, the Kamel family enjoys the myriad of activities Castle Pines has to offer. Attending Valor Christian High School, all three children are passionate about musical theater.

Through the years, the Kamels have supported Joshua Station transitional housing for homeless mothers and their children, and several years ago, the Kamels volunteered as leads on the council that brought a permanent library to Castle Pines. They enjoy sports, fitness and participating in organized events like runs (5k, 10k, half marathon, etc). They organized and launched the City of Castle Pines inaugural Run Wild race.

Fitness ultimately led them to their current passion and new business, DNA Vibe. Perry refused to let tennis elbow slow him down, so he did what he does best – think outside the box. “I like to find new and different approaches to make things better,” stated Perry. “I seek out opportunities for transformational improvements.”

Two years ago, he turned toward innovation and partnered with a doctor who has expert knowledge in the field of human genomics and DNA. Perry brought expertise in particle and optical physics and a long track record of innovation. The company is built on 60 years of combined research and development between the two founders.

Together, they built a business that harnesses new medical and technological understanding into a non-pharmaceutical, noninvasive pain relief treatment that uses a combination of low-level light therapies and pulsed magnetic energy to ease muscle or joint pain. A family endeavor, Lindsay is head of sales training.

The Kamels are excited to see where this next chapter takes them, keeping family and faith ever in the forefront.



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