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Forest Park update

Submitted by Cindy Broekemeier, Forest Park HOA President

Recently, landscaping enhancement has been occurring in Forest Park. Trees, rock walls, rock work, and irrigation lines have been added to the Forest Park HOA community areas along Forest Park Drive, at our Clubhouse, and at our pool area.

The beautiful work started earlier this fall and will continue for as long as the weather allows! Additional work will include additional trees, shrubs, annual beds repositioning, rock walls; boulder work will continue at our Forest Park and Castle Pines Parkway entrance and on the medians on Forest Park Drive. Additional trees and rock walls will be added to the northern area of Forest Park Drive and Forest Ridge Circle area, and additional trees, rocks and a rock bench will be added along Forest Park Drive.

The landscaping work that is being done is an addition to the natural forest of Forest Park. The work that is being done is in areas where trees were removed for development of Forest Park Drive.

Our community is very excited about the quality and level of work that Sedalia Nursery have been providing to us. We have been fortunate to work with a Castle Pines North resident and owner of Sedalia Nursery, Larry Livingston. He is providing us with extremely good pricing on our landscaping needs.

Residents of Forest Park have been hoping for years for the level of enhancement to our community that Sedalia Nursery is providing. The trees, especially, are a welcome addition to the main entrance street of Forest Park Drive.

Projects will continue in to 2010. We are looking forward to the new look to Forest Park!



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