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Girls and parents learn benefits of self-defense

The first annual “Daughters, Defense and Dessert” night at RHMS attracted numerous students and their parents. All learned valuable basic self-defense moves and enjoyed time as a community. The school plans to host the event again next year with a separate event geared towards boys and their parents.

By Hannah Seely, RHMS intern writer; photos courtesy of Judi Holst

Imagine that one situation you never want to be in. Do you know what to do in it, how to avoid it, and how to further prevent it? That’s exactly what was taught at the “Daughters, Defense, and Dessert” night at Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS).

The hostess of this event, eighth grade language arts teacher Judi Holst invited RHMS girls and their parents to the event and brought in a self-defense company called StrongPoint. StrongPoint teaches various types of police tactics, including Brazilian jiu jitsu and pressure-point striking. The lead instructor was a retired police officer with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.

Melissa Graham, a parent attendee stated, “I enjoyed learning some simple moves to help get out of a bad situation. I also liked that the instructors went around to check that everyone was doing the moves properly. They were very good.”

The event itself was brimming with about 60 people. The focus was primarily on jiu jitsu, including how to get out of choking, grabbing, and sitting positions, as well as simple stances and ways to avoid those situations entirely. “I loved the practical advice about getting out of someone grabbing you,” added Olga Rainosek, parent and participant.

The material taught was not difficult or complicated. It was just little things you would never think to do unless you were taught to. In addition to helpful demonstrations, each move was explained in depth and meticulously, so as to avoid errors. The partakers agreed that it was not only informational and useful, but fun and convivial.

“I enjoyed getting to spend time with my daughter and learn some valuable skills,” added Carla Christiansen.  After the training, StrongPoint provided dessert for each guest, and there was time to meet other families.

Overall, this event was an exciting and stimulating snippet of StrongPoint and its drive to make our world safer, one person at a time. As Rosa Parks said, “Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” Do you know what must be done?

For more information about StrongPoint, visit

RHMS student and Castle Pines resident Hannah Seely (right) practiced defensive moves on her mom Carey. They enjoyed laughs as they learned valuable self-defense strategies.



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