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Grandparents Day – building a bond between generations

Castle Pines resident Gail Jackson recently took her family to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad, which is a scenic trip between Georgetown and Silverthorne that was a great time for all.  Excursions such as this are a great way to celebrate Grandparents Day as a family. 

By Amanda Merriman; photos courtesy of Gail Jackson

National Grandparents Day is fast approaching now that we have flipped our calendars to the month of September.  Officially proclaimed as a national day of observance in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, Grandparents Day gives families the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond between generations.  After all, the intention behind Grandparents Day is to affirm the importance of older adults in our lives and provide an opportunity for the younger generation to realize the strength, knowledge, wisdom, and love our grandparents (familial or surrogate) can impart.

There are many ways to celebrate Grandparents Day together as a family.  For instance, it can be a great opportunity for grandparents to share their expertise of a particular skill.  Perhaps this means cooking a special recipe together such as grandma or grandpa’s special spaghetti and meatballs.  Another family member could take photos during the process to include as the start of a family recipe book.  Another fantastic idea would be to take a day trip together, such as a ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad.  

Gail Jackson enjoying some quality time with her granddaughters.

Castle Pines resident Gail Jackson recently took her mother and some of her grandchildren and their cousins on the train ride.  The scenic railway was a fantastic experience for all, and as Jackson stated, “The kids loved riding on a real train.  Kids don’t get to do that anymore.”   Jackson said that the grandkids had a ball looking at the scenery and scouting for wildlife.  She was happy to find an activity that was fun for everyone in their group that ranged in age from two up to 84 years old. The train ride lasted a little over an hour and went between Georgetown and Silverthorne.   Reservations can be made online with the option to stop halfway through for a mine tour.  You can also cap off your Grandparents Day celebration with a visit to one of the cute cafés right in Georgetown.  

For additional information and reservations on the Georgetown Loop Railroad, visit



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