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Happy Canyon roundabouts – mission accomplished

By Elizabeth Wood West

“In 2005, the Castle Pines Metropolitan District (CPMD) began working with Douglas County Engineering (DCE) consultants to address road safety and speeding concerns at the gated intersections on Happy Canyon Road in Castle Pines Village.

At the request of DCE staff member Robert Kenny, roundabouts were added to the plan. According to Kenny, a 2009 feasibility study and traffic calming update showed that roundabouts would provide the safety improvements needed. A preliminary design was provided to CPMD Engineer Jonathan Gray, who worked with consultants to create the final design.

CPMD and DCE implemented a public involvement plan to address the public’s concerns about the use and application of roundabouts. To insure vehicles of all sizes would be able to maneuver around the proposed roundabouts, CPMD and DCE held a “roundabouts rodeo” at Douglas County Fairgrounds using mock roundabouts. Fire trucks, school buses, snow plows, large semi-tractor/trailer trucks, and lengthy horse trailers participated in the rodeo and successfully navigated the mock roundabouts.

Today, the two roundabouts and guard station are finished and the results are stunning. The roundabouts and guard station feature natural stone detailing, landscaping with mature pines, and lighting.

The entire project, funded by CPMD, cost approximately $1.42 million, less than the original contract amount of $1.44 million. “The project exceeded all main objectives for safety, budget, and aesthetics,” said Gray. “After the project was completed and traffic was moving through the roundabouts, the community began to enthusiastically support the finished project,” he said.

Gray credits CPMD Manager Paul Dannels for his managerial skills in getting the project off the ground and keeping it on track. Gray also had high praise for the successful coordination between DCE, CPMD, and all Village staff members.

Kenny said, “DCE worked with CPMD on the final design, materials, and construction inspection to assure successful construction of these two roundabouts, which will improve safety, reduce speeds and conflicts, and help to provide the traffic calming first discussed seven years earlier.”

For further information, contact Jonathan Gray at or call 303-688-8330 ext. 119.



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