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HOAs can Now Reach Members with Click of a Mouse

The CPN Master Association’s popular “e-mail alert” system can now be used by any of the 30 neighborhood Homeowner Associations (HOAs) in Castle Pines North.

Five years ago, the Master Association began collecting e-mail addresses for all CPN residents. Since that time, the list has grown to reach nearly 75 percent of the homes in the community, and e-mail has become a vital communication tool for many residents.

“Community-wide e-mail has been a very effective way in which to communicate both important and time-critical messages to CPN residents,” said Linda Nuzum, Master Association President.

Alison Gibbens, Administrator for CPN Master Association, said, “We get so much positive feedback from residents regarding the e-mail program. It has been a valuable tool for so many. It’s a great way to share newsworthy information.”

Residents must choose to “opt in” in order to receive the CPN e-mails. The e-mail list is maintained, and protected, by the Master Association. “We do not sell, or share our list with anyone,” said Nuzum. “We are constantly working to ensure the list is updated. As residents move in and out of the community, we change the necessary e-mail addresses.”

Now, the Master Association has launched a new HOA e-mail delivery service. This service will help the Master Association keep up with the growing e-mail list and, as an added benefit, will allow any of the 30 neighborhood HOAs to send messages to all e-mail registered homeowners within their respective neighborhood.

“With the click of a mouse, the HOA representative can instantly send a message to everyone in the neighborhood who is on the e-mail list,” said Nuzum. “Individual HOAs no longer have to maintain their own e-mail lists, or devise systems for sending mass e-mails. This program allows the HOAs to instantly reach most of their members, and can save everyone a lot of time and money.”

The HOA e-mail delivery service is funded by the Master Association dues and is available, at no cost, to all 30 neighborhood HOAs. The Master Association also provides neighborhood websites, at no cost, to all HOAs. “We think communication throughout the community is extremely important, so the Master Association offers access to both web and e-mail services to our neighborhood HOAs,” said Nuzum.

The HOA e-mail delivery service is easy to use. The HOA board authorizes its management company and designated board or committee members to send e-mail messages. The designated users are required to register with the Master Association. Once this step is accomplished, the user can prepare specific messages and simply hit “send.” Messages will automatically be sent to all registered e-mail addresses within the sender’s particular neighborhood.

E-mail addresses are kept “blind” to the sender to ensure that no one can obtain personal information. “Individual HOA’s that will use this program will not receive e-mail lists; they can only send a message to their particular HOA,” said Nuzum.

HOA #2 is currently utilizing the new HOA e-mail delivery service. Elean Gersack, Social Committee Chairperson for HOA #2, has professional experience as a Product Manager for a web-based e-mail delivery system. She was chosen to be the first HOA user for the new system. “The system is very simple and easy to use and I’m very excited to have access to it moving forward,” said Gersack. “We use e-mail to get quick notices to our residents, and then provide a link to our CPN web site for more details.”

Managers or board members from CPN’s neighborhood HOA’s who wish to obtain more information about the HOA e-mail delivery service for their neighborhood should contact the Master Association at:

CPN residents who wish to add and/or change the e-mail address they use to receive these e-mails, should send a message with their name, neighborhood and new information to Also, be sure to turn off any filters that prevent mail from getting through with updates.



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