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Home is where the heart is

by Paige Newman
Rock Canyon High School Intern Writer

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love. Whether you are celebrating your love for that special someone, your family, or your closest friends, it is supposed to be meaningful. So why is it that in high school, Valentine’s Day is simply about who gets the most chocolates or heart- shaped balloons?

If you walk around school on Valentine’s Day, it is an explosion of girls dressed in pink or red, balloons of these colors in the air, and bouquets of flowers everywhere. The day is about things, not people. So I have to wonder, where is the love?

Love, in my opinion, is about the people in your life. My family does not give each other balloons and presents on Valentine’s Day; instead, we have a family dinner, give one another a heartfelt card, and simply tell each other “I love you.” I don’t expect candy and flowers from my parents, because those things do not, in my eyes, represent love.

Instead of being truly about love, the day has become about greeting cards and candy hearts. Students give Valentines to everyone they can think of, but it’s not as though all of these people actually mean something to them. Wouldn’t it be more special if you only gave Valentines to the people you truly cared about?

I wish that students would appreciate Valentine’s Day and treat it as what it is supposed to be: a day about love, and celebrating this love. There is nothing wrong with cards or flowers to show sentiment, but it would be so much more special if we only gave these things to the people we truly loved.

I won’t care if I am not walking around school on Valentine’s Day with a balloon or box of chocolates, because I know that when I go home, there is love that cannot be bought with balloons and flowers.

We should all celebrate Valentine’s Day for what it truly is, not what it has become. We should all simply love.



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