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Important Elections to Take Place on April 13 and May 4

The well-publicized November election is months away, but elections during the next few weeks will be more important for deciding how our local governments will be run.

April 13 – 7:00 p.m.
Party members gather to start choosing candidates for November election

April 13 is arguably the most important step in deciding who will replace Jim Sullivan as one of the three Douglas County Commissioners – the elected officials who make the land use decisions for CPN and all of Douglas County, and oversee many of the local government services that we rely upon. Five candidates are currently running, but only one of these will be left by the time that voters go to the polls in November.

On April 13, Republican and Democratic Party members will gather at 7:00 p.m. “Caucus” meetings, to begin the process for choosing which candidates.

Click here for more information for more on the County Commissioners election, and the political party Caucus meetings on April 13.

May 4 – voters cast ballots in District elections:

CPN Metro District – Board election (click here for more information)

Green Valley Water and Sanitation District – Board election (for Hidden Pointe residents) (click here for more information)

South Metro Fire Rescue – Board and mill levy election (click here for more information)



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