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Jaguars Tackle Popular 14er

By Lynn Zahorik; photo courtesy of Dave Celecki

Members of the Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) soccer team took on Grays Peak this summer as a team building exercise. The prominent 14,278 foot fourteener is the tenth highest summit of the Rocky Mountains and is situated on the Continental Divide. Fourteen soccer players were guided up the peak by RCHS coaches Aaron Carpenter and Dave Celecki. An exercise in mental toughness, the hike provided an opportunity for the boys to accomplish a goal that is not easy to achieve.

“This year’s motto is the 40 percent rule, which is when you think you are at your limit, you have only used 40 percent of your energy, therefore you still have 60 percent more to give,” shared Celecki. This was the second year in a row for the 14er hike which was the brainchild of Coach Carp.



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