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Know where to go for information on snow

by Lisa Crockett

With leaves falling and a hint of cool in the air, snow season will soon be here.

All communities follow similar protocols when prioritizing the order in which streets are plowed: main arterial roads first, then collector roads and school bus routes, local roads, and finally, cul-de-sacs. Snow removal services in Castle Pines North, Castle Pines Village, and Douglas County all have access to emergency services; if you have a life-threatening emergency, a call to 911 will divert snow plows to your home if necessary.

In all communities, residents are encouraged to keep roads clear of parked cars and other obstructions during and after a storm. Use extreme caution when passing snow plows, and remember that momentum is important to proper functioning of snow plows; don’t do anything to impede a plow’s progress.

Snow removal in Douglas County is handled by Douglas County Public Works and in Castle Pines Village by the Castle Pines Metro District. Snow removal in Castle Pines North (CPN) is handled by the City of Castle Pines North’s Public Works Department.

Where to go for information on snow removal:

Unincorporated Douglas County:; click on “Public Works”

Castle Pines Village:; click “Snow Removal”

Castle Pines North:; click on “Public Works”



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