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Let the games commence

RHMS eighth grade student and Castle Pines resident Aden Inman enjoys attending the Gamer’s Club at school in his one-of-a-kind Minecraft costume.

Submitted by RHMS eighth grade student Alex Hinds; photo courtesy of Tim Ryckman

Sitting back, savoring the perfect novel, ensconced in a comfortable nook with nothing but the perfect amount of light, students enjoy their stay at the library media commons located at Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS).

However, this library is anything but common. Along with the cozy chairs, good books, and nice light, come friends, snacks, and gaming. Welcome to the new RHMS Gamer’s Club.     

This iconic club is the brainchild of two teachers – Amy Tempel, a popular teacher librarian and Holly Spurlin, an ideal eighth grade social studies teacher. “We wanted to create a place where students could get together and enjoy gaming,” said Tempel. And she is right; many kids come to the Gamer’s Club. They come to laugh, eat, and just enjoy themselves while playing the popular game Minecraft and other video games.

Here’s a glimpse into Minecraft: In the building block world you are in, you can construct, mine and take some time to fight the nearby Zombie. “Its great!” Spurlin exclaimed. Students come and they can be themselves, possibly make a new friend, and engage over a loud and crazy Minecraft fight. “It provides a place for everybody,” said Tempel.  

Behind the blocky head, through the cardboard cutout eyes, lies a current RHMS gamer at the Gamer’s Club. This phenomenal costume was taped, painted and is worn by Castle Pines resident Aiden Inman. He will surely win the Halloween contest with his life-size Tuxedo Steve costume, the first-person character of Minecraft.

Many students are enjoying the club. Castle Pines resident Austin Taylor said, “I like gaming, and I love Minecraft.” Sam Crockett remarked,  “It’s awesome, I love it!”

Students who are in the RHMS library sitting in a comfortable chair, reading the perfect novel with the sun beaming down on their shoulders may think about how common everything around them seems. All the while, in the Gamer’s Club, “LOLs” are heard, fun games are played, and the occasional Nutter Butter is eaten.

RHMS students interested in joining the Gamer’s Club can visit the RHMS website and search under “clubs.”



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