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Lights, camera, action in Castle Pines

Crews in lighting, sound, and special effects work diligently to transform a Castle Pines home into a wintery wonderland, as the backdrop for the filming of a television Tcommercial for SourceGas Energy Services.

Article and photo by Julie Montoya; storyboard courtesy of Blue Onion Advertising

It was the talk of the town … the BristolCone home of Glen and Katie Clemons was transformed into a winter wonderland location for a television commercial. A film crew from Crosspoint Productions Denver and Blue Onion Advertising transformed the Clemons’ yard into the perfect blustery “post snowstorm” setting. The commercial’s premise was to showcase how SourceGas Energy Services can keep a family warm, even when old man winter is kicking down the door.

The Clemons’ home was chosen for this commercial out of many homes in Colorado. Julie Anne Moore with Film In Colorado contacted the Clemons after seeing their house listed on the Colorado MLS. Moore reached out to the Clemons’ realtor to see if the Clemons would be interested in having their home considered for a commercial location. The Clemons invited Moore to come to the house and scout out the location to determine if it would meet the needs of its client; SourceGas Energy Services.

During the course of several weeks, Moore made repeated trips to the house with representatives from the production company. The Clemons’ home was ultimately chosen as the perfect location, and plans were put in the works to schedule all of the people and equipment needed for the commercial shoot.

It was a full-on production, consisting of crewmembers in lighting, special effects, sound, and props … to name just a few. Crosspoint Productions brought in snowmaking equipment to add artificial snow to the light blanket of snow that was already on the ground. The street was blocked off with lighting equipment, cameras, screens, and other props that were strategically placed all over the yard and street.

The stage was set … the subject of the commercial was a husband and his efforts to shovel the snow in his yard after a storm. His efforts seemed in vain, when his luck had him sliding on ice, breaking his ice scraper, and ultimately being covered in snow after a snowplow got too close.

Our poor husband struggled, while his wife was snug and warm, watching her husband’s failed attempts from inside their home. The idea behind the commercial was experiencing the comfort that can be had by using SourceGas Energy Services, as a reliable choice for a family’s winter heating needs.

The commercial’s director, Wally Miles was hard at work making sure that the scenes were perfect. The snow-making crew was diligent in ensuring that just the right amount of artificial snow was falling from the sky, thanks to an electric snow-making machine. The special effects guys worked tediously, manicuring the snow and streets to set the stage for each scene. Debbie Williams, the representative from SourceGas Energy Services, was on hand to oversee the production. Eric Anolin, with Crosspoint Productions, was behind the scenes overseeing the finished shots. And finally, Peter Teneyck, the vice president of new business for Blue Onion Advertising, was not only responsible for creating the project, but he also starred in the commercial as the SourceGas on-air spokesperson.

After eight hours of shooting, the six hours of film was taken back to Crosspoint Productions, in Lakewood. There, experts on sound, editing, and color worked together to turn the six hours of raw material, into a thirty second commercial. The finished commercial for SourceGas Energy Services will air in Nebraska and Wyoming in the next few months, to showcase their WinterGuard billing option.

At the end of the day, the Clemons, and all their neighbors thought the commercial shoot was a blast. The local newspaper delivery person thought it was great too, because with all the equipment in the Col-de-sac, a production assistant had to deliver their newspapers for them! The Clemons children and their friends were enamored…not so much with the hustle and bustle of the film, but with the enormous food set up in the Clemons garage! The kids, as they sampled almost everything that Craft Services and Appetites Catering had put out, kept saying, “This is the Best Day Ever!!” At the end of the day Katie Clemons said, “I met a lot of wonderful people throughout this production process. I would definitely be open to this experience again.”

Visit and click on “Photo Album” to view a great collection of photos from the shoot and the day’s adventure.

Pictured above is the original storyboard created by Blue Onion Advertising outlining the day’s commercial shoot. The man of the hour is Mr. Peter Teneyck, Blue Onion vice president of new business, and SourceGas spokesman.



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