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Local Democrats set the stage for upcoming elections

Democratic Caucus Chairperson Myron Clark was excited by the number of suggestions brought to the table by local party members. Discussions covered everything from the upcoming Presidential election, to a need to reduce emissions on automobiles.     

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan

Thursday, March 6 was an important day for members of the Democratic Party. The Democratic caucus was held that evening throughout the state, and local party members had their voices heard at Timber Trail Elementary school. Precincts 258 through 263 cover Castle Pines and Castle Pines Village, and approximately 20 people attended the caucus in support of their political party.

Caucus Chairperson Ron Clark oversaw the proceedings and remarked, “Although a small group, everyone was very involved and energized by the process.  The discussions on suggested party platform plans lasted over 30 minutes with more than 20 suggestions.”

The caucus convenes every two years, and the meetings adhere to a strict order of business. Aside from choosing precinct committee persons to oversee the meetings, votes were taken to choose chairpersons and secretary’s for each precinct, and delegates and alternates to the County Convention. Additionally, a presidential preference poll was taken, with President Obama receiving all 20 votes.

The caucus is an opportune time for party platform suggestions and ideas to be discussed by attendees. Many of these suggestions are then taken to the County platform committee for further review and discussion. Douglas County Democratic Chairperson Sarah Mann feels strongly about the process.

“This is the first time in quite a while that our ballot is set at the State and Congressional level.  The Democratic Party is a united force and we know now who we will be supporting to get elected and re-elected in November.  Our delegates and alternates are looking forward to coming together in Pueblo for our State Assembly and Convention in April.” 



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