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Local Dentist is All Smiles at 5280 Nomination

Dr. Lisa Fox, DDS

by Anthonette Klinkerman

If there is one thing that Dr. Lisa Fox, DDS, could call a “life-changing experience,” it would be her work with impoverished children in Mexico. In February, Dr. Fox returned from her annual trip to Mexico, where she and a team of doctors and dentists travel once a year to provide services most Americans take for granted.

Fox has been involved with Christina’s Smile for three years. This adventurous team, sponsored by the PGA, visits every city the PGA plays in, and tends to the needy.

Fox explained that her work is rewarding, but involves a lot of heartache, too. The parents are always so thankful, but the children she sees, many of whom do not own a toothbrush, go back to their poverty-stricken homes and cannot continue proper healthcare. More often than not, when patients come in there is nothing the dentists can do but pull out the decayed teeth.

“You should be thankful every day for living here in the United States,” she said.

Recently, Dr. Fox was selected by 5280 Magazine for the June issue featuring the “best of” the medical professions. She and her partner, Dr. Jim Norwood, were selected by a group of other dental professionals for their contributions to their communities. She was both “flattered and humbled” at the nomination.

Dr. Fox and her husband moved to CPN in 2001, and opened offices here in 2004. She is excited to witness CPN growing into a city, and is anticipating many positive changes. Her CPN office, dedicated to pediatric dentistry, is located on the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Lagae Road. It boasts a kid-friendly décor, making her commitment to serving children of CPN residents even more pronounced.

“I can’t ever imagine moving,” she said. “We are very spoiled and very lucky to have all the specialties you could need right in our own backyard.”

To contact Dr. Fox, or to find out more about her practice, call 303-225-4715.



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