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Local kids take on their favorite presidents

Left to Right: Landon Holderness, Tanner Hickman, Audrey Myers, Samuel Hilgendorf

By Liz Jurkowski

In honor of President’s Day this month, a few of our young residents were asked to choose who ranks best as our country’s top executive. With much insight, Audrey Myers said, “One thing Americans are so consumed by today is the political view or party of the current presidents, when in reality people look back on the presidents of our past and admire what they did, not their position in politics.” Take a look at what some of the Castle Pines youth said:

Landon Holderness, in third grade at American Academy chose John F. Kennedy because he showed courage saving his crewmates on the PT-109 in World War II “and because my grandma liked him.”

A fifth grade student at Buffalo Ridge Elementary, Tanner Hickman, thinks Abraham Lincoln was one of the best presidents because “he freed all the slaves that were being treated unfairly.”

Audrey Myers, a junior at Rock Canyon High School, chose both Lincoln and F.D. Roosevelt because they “contributed greatly to the character and the well-being of the U.S. Lincoln brought the nation through the Civil War and ended slavery. Roosevelt ended the Great Depression and got America back on its feet.”

Samuel Hilgendorf, a sixth grader at Rocky Heights Middle School chose George Washington “because he led the thirteen colonies to freedom.”



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