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Looking back and moving on

Linda Sovich of Castle Pines says she loves her job of helping others get their lives in order through her company, Clutter Control. “Everyone wants an organized life, but when you’re busy living life, you don’t have time. I’ve seen the transformation of clients from being depressed to feeling great and living the life they want,” Sovich said.

By Lisa Nicklanovich; Photo courtesy of Linda Sovich

Linda Sovich of Castle Pines admits she has always liked completion and has had a passion for order and helping others. When Sovich was five years old, she would spend time organizing her closet and as she grew up, found she was always the one helping her friends with organizing projects, from re-doing their rooms to back-to-school shopping. With a degree in fashion merchandising, Sovich has an eye for detail and being fastidious is key to her current job as a professional organizer.

Two years ago, after working for an organizing company, Sovich decided to start her own company, Clutter Control, which helps clients get their lives in order and get their projects done. Sovich said, “We live in such a great state and area and we all want to spend time enjoying it. We want to see our kids grow and spend time with them. We want to spend time enjoying our community. When you get your life in order, you can move on and accomplish all that.” Sovich has a saying on a plaque in her office that reads, “you think you have time” – meaning we all have our to-do lists and often feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start with purging our closets, cleaning out the garage, organizing all the sports equipment, and figuring what exactly is in all those boxes in storage. As a result, her motto is, “clutter gone, moving on!”

Sovich uses her own house as a testing ground for trying out different organizing systems and methods, and when asked what she likes to do in her free time, she said, “I try to practice what I preach about spending time on what is important, so I make family time a priority and promised my kids I’d ski with them this year.”

Sovich moved to Castle Pines in 2010 for her husband’s job, never having been here before and without any family here, or so she thought. Sovich grew up thinking her father was an orphan, so she researched, trying to find some information about his ancestry. In a serendipitous twist, Sovich found relatives who had been searching for her father, who is now 83, for the last 20 years, and some of them live in neighboring Centennial. Her new-found relatives had baby photos of her father and wedding photos of her grandparents that Sovich and her father didn’t know even existed.

Sovich said the experience changed her father’s whole outlook on life, which has made her very understanding of how hard it is for people to let go of things; sometimes they are a link to the past which, until recently, she and her father didn’t have.

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