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Loving Abby

Abby, aka ‘big dog’ and ‘sweet girl’ loves to spend time with Phil and Carol Finnegan walking, playing with her dog toys and watching the horses and dogs during The Heartland Series on television.

The poodle may be the national dog of France, however, the breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany where the word “pudelin” refers to splashing in water. Since their retrieving water days, the poodle has become a circus performer, a frequent dog show winner, a guide dog, as well as a loving pet for families.

Abby, a very affectionate two-year-old standard poodle is the fourth standard poodle that Carol and Phil Finnegan have owned. Abby joined the Finnegan family at eight weeks old shortly after their beloved Gabby of 14 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Although she is named in Gabby’s spirit and memory, Abby has her own unique spirit and personality.

Loyal to her people, smart, and playful, Abby has all the traits of the standard poodle. She is a great playmate, eager to learn and in addition to being highly intelligent, she is also athletic. Visual cues such as a jacket or ball cap send Abby pacing the house waiting for her walk. Hearing the word or even the spelling of the word w-a-l-k excites Abby. It doesn’t matter where the walk takes her as long as she is walking with her human – Phil.

Standard poodles are friendly and sweet, a great addition for a family with children and for those with allergies – they don’t shed. Poodles need a lot of socialization and interaction with humans, which partners well with a house full of kids. Although the Finnegans’ children have grown, Abby enjoys getting her human interaction with family friends of the Finnegans, and she especially loves when Lucy, a close family friend stops by for a visit.

Standard poodles are one of the smartest and obedient dog breeds. They are playful and have an adventurous spirit. Abby loves her goDog toys. Her favorites are her rabbit, dog, panda bear, and squirrel toys. Running and squeaking her toys through the house, Abby will grace the Finnegans with a goDog toy or a sock from the laundry basket in exchange for endless games of fetch.

Since poodles are so smart, it is important that they are trained to know it is their owners who are leaders of the pack. Abby stays loyal to her people and the Finnegans are grateful for the joy Abby adds to their home.

Abby strikes her pose whenever she hears her name.

By Julie Matuszewski; photos courtesy of Carol Finnegan



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