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Make February 14 your own

February is a month filled with hearts, chocolate and flowers, which for some, induces eye-rolls and annoyance, or even sadness. Whether unattached or anti what some call a “commercial celebration,” why not take Valentine’s Day and all that February brings as an opportunity to better yourself, try something new as a couple or alone? Express love in other ways besides the typical Cupid-style activities.

Here are some ideas inspired by asking residents:

  • Buy a ticket to something that excites you. Candlelight concert? A movie? Comedy show? Drag racing? Bring a friend or have a date with yourself.
  • Enjoy a treatment. There are many Valentine’s specials this month. Take advantage of getting a massage, manicure or new hairstyle at a discount.
  • Get out of Dodge. Take a day trip or overnighter to one of the amazing nearby towns there are in every direction. Just take it in without any plans, or join a tour group. If staying close sounds better, just go 30 minutes north or south and explore a new neighborhood. Find a coffee shop and take in the scene.
  • Try a free class. Many gyms and spas offer a free class or even a free week. Spinning, yoga, stretching, sauna, kickboxing and indoor climbing are all available nearby.
  • Do something trendy. Be interesting at the next social event after taking German wheel or aerial silk classes at a circus center. Or, sign up for that guitar or photography class that has been on the wish list for a while.
  • Join a league or group. Jump into a line-dancing series, a painting or drawing class, a theatre, cooking or pottery class. Join a soccer league or a hiking group. Find stamp collectors or a knitting circle.
  • Try a new recipe. Have you been wanting to try some of the Recipe Exchange ideas from The Connection, or do you have a bunch of recipes saved in a folder? Make that carne asada or lava cake you’ve been meaning to bake.
  • Tackle a DIY project. Refinish the piece of furniture bought at a garage sale last summer. Paint the room already. Clean out the junk drawer.
  • Do something nice for someone else. Brighten someone else’s day or month with something heartfelt.
  • Do little. Take a nap, read a book, go for a walk, call a friend. That’s a good use of a free day.
  • Love yourself. Do what makes you happy.

By Lisa Nicklanovich



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