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Making a run for the money at American Academy

Running comes naturally to younger kids, as is shown by these AA kindergarteners at the second annual PTO FunRun on September 7.

Contributed by American Academy Charter School; photos courtesy of Amy Kotha

When was the last time you ran 1,068 miles? If you went to school at American Academy (AA), you would have done just that on September 7, at the second annual PTO FunRun! Of course, that’s a total mileage from all students who ran that day. So why in the world would any group of kids run 1,068 miles in one day? To get to the other side of their $50,000.00 fundraising goal as it turns out, and not only did they get there, they ran right past it.

Like all schools, AA has had to get creative in order to supplement its budget in the past few years, especially when it comes to the non-essentials. In AA’s case, the non-essentials, like more shade for the playground and expanding the turf field, were starting to feel pretty essential, so the AAPTO set out to do something about it. Thanks to the organizational skills and creativity of AA parent, Cara Black, and help from many other dedicated parents, the school finally has the means to fix a few of those problems.

At a PTO FunRun rally on October 4, Black announced that this year’s FunRun had raised $68,334, which exceeded the goal by more than $18,000. With that, the outdoor spaces will be improved along with a special sitting area for middle school students to gather and talk.

According to the AA Head of School Erin Kane, “This is a fundraising event like no other. Even though it’s organized and delivered by adults, it’s really the kids who make it happen and lend it power, and they outdo themselves every year. The FunRun is such a great combination of fundraising and healthy activity, and really, who knew you could have so much fun and raise money by running in circles for a half hour?”

Above left, AA seventh graders Trevor Sandberg, Killian Ridder, Hadley Templin and Carly Stordahl join classmates in a cheer tunnel as they make another round at the AAPTO FunRun. Above right, Joanna Foery, AA eighth grader, pulls ahead of her classmates with grace and style!




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