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Marching season ends with a bang

By Riley Busch, RCHS intern writer; Photo courtesy of Blake Unger

Blake Unger, director of bands at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) said, “The marching bands where I grew up in the south are a pillar of the spirit organizations in their communities.  I feel that in conjunction with the other spirit organizations at Rock Canyon, the marching band has taken great steps this year toward becoming an organization that our students, faculty, and parents can rally around.  I look forward to strengthening the visibility and support from our community of all the bands here at RCHS as we move into the future.”

Recently, the Jaguar marching band concluded its 2015 season, and what a season it was! The band participated in a wide variety of parades, competitions, and events.  The band’s marching show, entitled “1001 Nights” told the story of the lovely princess Scheherazade and her imprisonment inside her king’s castle.  To keep the king from fulfilling his plan of murder, she told him stories, leaving him at a cliff-hanger each night.  Her stories lasted for 1001 nights, after which she could finally make her escape.  The band did an amazing job of portraying this story through fluid moves and strong musical impact.

After qualifying, the RCHS band was given the opportunity to perform at the Colorado Bandmasters Association (CBA) State Championships on October 23.  They were ranked 14th in the state, and were given a 72.25, the highest score in school history.  By receiving their astounding score, the band can look forward to moving up a ranking next year.  The future looks bright in the years to come!  

“I really enjoyed walking off the field at State, knowing we achieved everything we set out to get at the beginning of the season,” stated drum major and Castle Pines resident Cameron Reed.

The amount of time put into the organization by members, band boosters, parents, and dedicated fans was astounding.  Over the course of the entire season, almost 300 hours of hard work and dedication was contributed.  All of that work only amounted to an eight-and-a-half minute show.  Every day after school, the band would run parts of their show over and over again.  Band parents and supporters worked hard to help fundraise and provide all the necessary items for the band, like uniforms and meals.

Though participating in the marching band takes hours upon hours of focus and hard work, it can be described by many people as a second family.  Many have created lifelong bonds with their fellow musicians.  Many look forward to seeing what the years to come hold in store for our marchers.



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