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Master Association Keeps Neighbors Connected

by Belinda Paredes

The Castle Pines North Master Association has put considerable effort into keeping residents connected to community news and events through a variety of media. The Connection and the website have traditionally been the main source of information for residents, but last year great effort was made to connect most residents to the Master Association and their neighborhood HOAs through e-mail. The progress towards having Castle Pines North (CPN) residents receive community and neighborhood information via e-mail has been significant.

To date, roughly 80 percent of occupied homes in CPN receive community wide e-mails and 75 percent of homes receive neighborhood specific e-mails. Additionally, 28 neighborhood HOA websites are in place on the CPN website and 20 of these are actively using their websites to communicate information to their residents (including documents and forms). This amounts to coverage of approximately 86 percent of occupied homes in CPN.

Maureen Shul, President of the Master Association and resident of Brambleridge, said of the improved communication, “the community wide e-mails have been enormously popular and useful to homeowners wanting to know what is going on in CPN, and it is our hope that the individual HOAs throughout CPN will use the many tools available to them to communicate within their separate neighborhoods.”

The creation and implementation of better communication tools for the CPN community are a result of many factors. One driving aspect has been Senate Bill 100 that, among other things, requires Homeowners Associations to meet certain criteria for communication with residents. More information on SB100 can be found on the CPN website at, by using the search feature. The website homepage also has an area to sign up for community wide emails from the Master Association.



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