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Metro District Board of Directors Election Set for May 6

Two Metro District
Candidate Forums Scheduled for April

The Castle Pines North Master Association will host two “Candidate Forums” for all candidates running for the Metro District Board of Directors.

Mark the calendar and make sure to attend one of these two events:

Monday, April 14, 7 p.m.
Thursday, April 24, 7 p.m.

Both events will be held at the CPN Community Center, 7404 Yorkshire Drive. Parking is limited so please carpool with a friend.

For more information, please e-mail

Residents of the City of Castle Pines North (CPN) will go to the polls to elect three new Metro District Board members on Tuesday, May 6. Metro District board members are residents of CPN who make important decisions about water, wastewater, parks, open space, and other infrastructure issues that affect all CPN residents.

Why is this election so important? Like most communities in Douglas County, CPN relies solely on non-renewable groundwater from aquifers. Future board members for the CPN Metro District will work to help secure renewable water rights for the new city. Make sure to VOTE in this important election. Here is how to cast a ballot:

REGISTER – Visit to access individual registration status and get information about voter registration. Residents who did not receive a ballot in November or February may be listed as “inactive” voters. To check voting status, go to

IMPORTANT NOTE – Registered, active voters will NOT receive a mail ballot for this election. There will be a polling place for this election. To obtain a mail ballot, read more below.

VOTE, MAY 6 – The polling place for the Metro District election is the CPN Community Center, located at 7404 Yorkshire Drive, on Tuesday, May 6. The polling place is open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Residents must present photo identification.

ABSENTEE/MAIL BALLOT – In order to obtain a mail ballot, residents MUST contact the Metro District directly. NO MAIL BALLOTS WILL BE DELIVERED UNLESS REQUESTED. Voters wishing to receive a ballot by mail must complete and return an application no later than Tuesday, April 29. Call Janet Burnham at 303-242-3263 for more information. The Metro District is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Candidates for Metro Distric Board of Directors

Vote for Three
Neighborhood: Noble Ridge
Years in CPN: 7 1/2
Profession: Water Resource and Utilities Consultant

Cortney C. Brand

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

My approach would emphasize collaboration and trust. The City and District provide different, yet necessary, services and are not in competition. The individuals serving on these governing bodies are elected and are entrusted to do what’s in the best interest of the citizens. As such, these individuals are accountable to the community and must work together. This can be accomplished through a commitment to transparency, collaboration, respect, and open-mindedness.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

I have served as a director for the last 4 years, worked in the water resources field for 13 years, and hold a Master’s degree in groundwater science and an MBA. I’m intimately familiar with the challenges facing the District, how it operates, how it’s financed, and the opportunities (and costs) to enhance the composition and sustainability of our community. I have the experience, knowledge, and determination to make the right decisions for our community’s future.
Neighborhood: Serena
Years in CPN: 3 1/2
Profession: Insurance Broker with a focus on Special Districts

Mark D. Carlson

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

I feel open communication of goals and agendas is imperative. The District and the City need to work together to find synergy and supplement and support each others’ initiatives. Both entities are vital to the success of our community and our greatest success will be achieved by working together.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

My insurance brokerage provides services to over 900 special districts in Colorado, including water districts, water and sanitation districts and metropolitan districts, many of whom face water issues similar to those faced by Castle Pines North Metropolitan District. My work with these customers has enabled me to gain a familiarity with the water problems encountered by much of the Denver Metropolitan area. I have an exposure to what other districts are doing or have done to address their water and other community issues and have a network of resources in the industry with whom to discuss these issues. I am involved with the Colorado Special District Association and find them to be a great resource for special districts like ours. Through my work in this field, I have seen the struggles of districts like ours and believe that resolving water supply issues is critical to maintaining property values in the community.
Neighborhood: Forest Park
Years in CPN: 10
Profession: Attorney

Joseph “Chip” Coppola

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

I have been encouraged to run by Mayor Shul, Metro District President Lohr, Treasurer Gilbert, Past Metro District President Shively and virtually all of the City Council. As a City Councilman, I will take all necessary and appropriate actions to assure complete transparency and interaction between the District and the City and the timely flow of accurate information. If elected by you to serve on both Council and the board, there will be constant, detailed communication with City government. I also commit to assure openness in dealing with all residents. I believe having someone who serves on Council will help ensure that the vision and voice of the elected City officials will be heard and heeded by the District, and vice versa.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

I am past President of the Meadows Metropolitan Districts. I have served on numerous boards, been appointed to the Colorado Municipal Bond Advisory Council, have negotiated and participated in numerous bond financings, for metro districts and not-for-profits. I am implicitly honest and direct and will bring those qualities to the board. I am not a “go along, to get along” type of guy. Rather, I am committed to representing the constituents and the citizens of Castle Pines North.
Neighborhood: Serena at Daniel’s Gate
Years in CPN: 5
Profession: Vice President & Director of Global Financial Planning and Analysis, MWH Global

Carl D. Lowman

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

Communication, communication, communication!

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

First of all, my professional background having worked for two civil engineering firms – CH2M Hill and now MWH – as a finance executive has allowed me to gain a greater understanding about projects for state and local government clients related to water conveyance and storage. Secondly, I can leverage my 23 years of experience, to date, working in various financial and operations management positions to evaluate financing options for acquiring renewable water for the city’s residents. Finally, as an incumbent Board member, I am very familiar with the challenges the Metro District faces in terms of acquiring water rights and financing related projects. “I want to be a part of finding the best renewable water solution for the future of our city.”
Neighborhood: WinterBerry
Years in CPN: 6 1/2
Profession: Business Operations Consultant

Scott McMillan

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

What a great time this is for the City of Castle Pines North! Like other Colorado municipalities before us, we are establishing a new structure and partnerships for the delivery of services. As a CPN Metro District board member, my aim is to build on the early relationships being established with our city governance. I will encourage frequent collaboration with our city council peers to ensure the residents are provided the best and most cost efficient services in accordance with each organization’s charter.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

As a business operations professional with extensive senior management experience, a long term resident of Colorado, the son of an agricultural expert and son-in-law of a farmer, water management is ingrained in me. More than other utilities, provision and preservation of water is a very serious business. It is also a business – one that must be run cost effectively and with keen anticipation of future needs. My operations expertise will help guide the board in making choices that have the least economic impact to our residents while ensuring adequate long term supply of this precious resource.
Neighborhood: BristleCone Patio Homes
Years in CPN: 10 1/2
Profession: Retired Accountant

Earl Millspaugh

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

(1) Absorb information regarding the current CPNMD situation & plans and the water vision of CPN government,

(2) Ensure that qualified water professional(s) is/are advising both bodies,

(3) Promote a quick approval of Lagae,

(4) Investigate all financing options available to each body in securing renewable water and storage,

(5) Operate using my lifelong philosophy that it is more important to win the war than win every battle,

(6) Investigate whether an Inter-Governmental Agreement might help either body reduce expenses,

(7) Promote extensive, straight forward communication with the new government and the community.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

(1) 17 continuous years as an HOA Board Member including 6 on a Board responsible for securing, treating & delivering water to 583 residential lots,

(2) Active participant in CPNII, Master Association, Metro District meetings. Served as Election Commission member for incorporation,

(3) Degreed accountant with 34 years experience in corporate and non-profit arenas,

(4) Facilitate people with divergent viewpoints to arrive at a consensus,

(5) Ability to absorb facts presented and to quickly discern the big picture and desired outcome. I am asking for your support of someone who applies a reasoned approach in the resolution of differences and in making day to day operational decisions.
Neighborhood: Tapestry Hills
Years in CPN: 5 1/2 years
Profession: Realtor/Actor

Ryan J. Parker

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

As a board member for the District I would investigate what has and has not worked with regard to ensuring the community’s voice on our current and future plans. I will seek to learn about other water programs throughout the country with cities that have had success in implementing strategies for sustainable water at minimum costs to the people. I am a team player who brings out the best in others. As a result, I feel we can move forward together in a positive direction that is a both a benefit to the community and environment.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

As a Realtor and a Professional Actor for film and television I work with people daily. Being real with people is how I make a living. I’m proud of my roots and as a 5th generation Colorado farm boy I believe good values, having faith and conservation. Any future growth must be done proficiently with minimal cost to previous home owners of CPN. I bring a positive energy that is productive and enjoyable. My goal in life is to make a difference in the world through kindness, respect and hope. Let’s take care of what we have and work together to make it better.
Neighborhood: North Lynx
Years in CPN: 5
Profession: Denver Fire Department
US Military Reserves
(retired from both)

Bill Porter

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

The most recent communication from the new city through the CPN Master Association is “… city representatives expressed serious concerns related to the direction the Metro District has taken pertaining to the delay in purchasing water rights, as well as the methods of funding currently being proposed.” Having studied the direction the Metro District is taking, I also have the same concerns as the new city government. I believe that everyone is extremely concerned about the future of our water sources. I am more than willing to keep the city informed as to the direction of the Metro District and listen to any suggestions they might have to help the District secure the water that we need.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

I have a strong background in decision making and organizational skills based on my experience with the fire department, my military service, and ten year tenure on the Board of Directors of a large condominium association.

One important qualification I have is that I am retired. Being retired gives me the time to commit to being actively involved with the District in more ways than just a monthly board meeting.
Neighborhood: Turquoise Terrace
Years in CPN: 4
Profession: Business Consultant

Andy Rhodes

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

Our goals are the same. We are elected to serve the current needs of CPN residents and to ensure future community needs will be met as well. With solid and frequent communication, the CPN Metro District can work with the city to make sure there is a sustainable water supply for the future. An advantage of being a new city is that our leaders are free to explore new ideas and the CPN Metro District will help by providing a history of our water needs, and recommendations on how to provide facilities and water to grow.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

Providing for our water needs is a business. I bring business and entrepreneurial qualities to the table, which will be vital as we work and negotiate with the water community in Colorado. Anyone who has started their own company can attest to the need to be action driven but flexible. I think that it is time to take action to make sure that we do not have to worry about running out of water, or about paying rates that are above Colorado averages. We need to take steps now to maintain our existing infrastructure and secure additional renewable water for the future.
Neighborhood: Glen Oaks
Years in CPN: 5
Profession: General Manager, Technology Services; Owner, Castle Rock Cold Stone Creamery

Bill Santos

What would be your approach to ensure the CPN Metro District and the new city government work well together?

Serving a common constituency, collaboration between the organizations will be essential to ensuring understanding of priorities, opportunities and obstacles. Truly, we must be extensions of a common team. Some approaches to achieve this include:

• Develop a sense of team through both formal and informal interaction.
• Including council members as non-voting participants in district sessions and vice versa, where appropriate.
• Development of a set of priorities between us that act as a common work plan.

What qualifications would you bring to this position?

Two MIT engineering degrees and twenty years experience creating, participating in, and leading high performance teams provides applicable skills. My education provides me critical thinking and analytical skills that helps to assess a problem and see the potential value and cost of options. Having started and run businesses, I understand the importance of thoughtful consideration followed by decisive action. Having managed profit loss statements, I also appreciate the need for bottom line impact. Many years working with teams has taught me the value of opposing thoughts and consensus building. We are five-year CPN residents and intend to be here many more. At a critical time in our common experience, we must commit ourselves to the decisions necessary to ensure our long term success.



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