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Metro District Meeting

On Monday, March 15th, more than 30 residents attended the second Metro District Community Information Meeting at the Community Center. The meeting featured an array of information about capital construction projects, water rights, as well as information on the proposed 21 acre park adjacent to the CPN Community Center.

Water Resources and Environmental Consultant Theresa Jehn-Dellaport presented an overview of CPN water rights and the latest information about the progress and design of the directional water well currently under construction.

Metro District Manager Judy Dahl discussed the new water storage tank that will be completed in mid-May. The $1.4 million project will provide the District with the capability to store an additional 1.5 million gallons of treated water.

Various conservation projects were also discussed at the meeting. “More than 65 million gallons of re-use water will be pumped to the Ridge golf course this year,” said Dahl. “This is a significant conservation project that we are proud to complete because it will eliminate the need to utilize one of our wells for golf course irrigation.”

In addition, Dahl discussed water restrictions for 2004. “We will have a mandatory watering schedule again this year,” said Dahl. “Residents will be allowed to water every third day. Addresses will be a circle, diamond, or square on the water restrictions calendar and we will rotate watering schedules to help distribute the demand requirements.”

Dahl also explained the District’s involvement with the Douglas County Water Resources Authority and the South Metro Water Supply Study Group. A discussion was held regarding design of landscape improvement projects along Monarch Blvd., and Castle Pines Parkway. Dahl also reviewed plans for construction of the new park, which is expected to begin this fall.

Residents of Castle Pines North are invited to the next Metro District Community Information meeting on June 21st at 6 p.m. at the Community Center, located at 7404 Yorkshire Drive. For more information, or if you have topics of interest you would like to discuss at the next meeting, please contact Judy Dahl at 303-688-8550, ext. 11, or at



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