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Metro District News

by Terri Wiebold

The Castle Pines North (CPN) Metro District continues to search for a reliable, renewable water source. In addition, the District is also responsible for other amenities in the CPN community such as parks, open space and other neighborhood-related issues.

The District reviewed the following issues during its August board meeting:

The upgrade project of The Retreat Park is now complete. CPN children have the use and benefit of a new rock climbing wall, water fountain, slides, swings, and all things fun.

Concerned homeowners in the Daniel’s Gate area addressed the board regarding the planned restroom facilities for Daniels Park in regard to size and placement.

The board briefly discussed signage policies throughout CPN, specifically in regard to community “No Soliciting” sign authorization and placement.

The board voted to request an easement from Douglas County for the proposed new sledding hill.

The board is moving forward with a $120,000 Xeriscape project at the Community Center.

The Winterberry erosion project seeding seems to be taking, and similar solutions may be applied to other landscape issues in CPN.

At the September meeting, a large group of residents from North Lynx attended to inquire when the Metro District would make a decision regarding their landscape request. The Metro District will make a decision at the next board meeting set for October 15 at 7 p.m. at the CPN Community Center. For updated information, go to



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