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Metro District to Announce Final Results of Water Plan

by Lane Roberts

The Castle Pines North Metro District will host the third Integrated Water Resources Community Information meeting in April. (As of press time, exact meeting dates were not determined. Watch for specific meeting details to be announced through community-wide e-mail and on the web.)

Since September 2005, CDM, a leading engineering firm, has been reviewing the water needs of Castle Pines North (CPN). In April, CDM will present conclusions of the groundwater modeling, review possible water conservation measures and begin discussing various water supply alternatives.

On January 23, CDM provided residents with an update of their extensive groundwater analysis and possible water supply alternatives. During the meeting, CDM stressed the importance of securing renewable water resources now, before they become too expensive or too scarce. “Partnership opportunities will decline and costs will rise,” said CDM’s Kelly DiNatale, P.E. “Therefore it is better to act sooner, rather than later.”

Currently, CPN is exclusively dependent on non-renewable groundwater. According to CDM, the community is only responsible for about five percent of the projected future groundwater decline. Other regional water districts such as Castle Rock, Parker and Centennial (Highlands Ranch) will have a large effect on what happens to aquifer levels.

According to CDM’s Gordon McCurry, PhD., there is a need for “action” but “no crisis”. “Castle Pines North is not running out of water, but action will need to be taken in the next five years to maintain existing production rates from the current wells,” said McCurry.

In the near future, the cost to maintain the current water supply from the aquifers will become more expensive than acquiring renewable surface water.

“The bottom line is we must be proactive,” said Metro District Manager James McGrady. “The responsible thing to do is act now, not 25 years from now.”

To review previous meeting presentations, or to read more about securing future water supplies in CPN, visit the Metro District website at

Meeting information will be distributed via e-mail and posted on the web. Contact the Metro District at 303-688-8550 for more information.



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