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Metro Moves Forward with Lagae Project

by Lane Roberts

The Castle Pines North Metro District is moving forward with the installation of a 12-inch water main along a portion of Mira Vista Lane to service the American Academy charter school, currently under construction on Lagae Ranch.

Despite setbacks of the residential component of the development, the Metro District will fund the installation of water, sewer, and storm water pipelines needed for the school, park, church and daycare. The District plans to spend $70,000 on the project, which will be recovered from the developer in a separate signed contractual agreement.

The District originally planned to fund grading and other infrastructure improvements pending a recovery agreement with the developer. To date, no such agreement has been signed. “This request expedites the recovery of the 12-inch main and allows us to move forward with the pipeline so the school can have water,” said James McGrady, district manager.



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