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Neighbor aims to share his message through technology

Paolo Bettoni who is originally from Italy, enjoys living in the Castle Pines community with his wife and two young sons. Bettoni is committed to spreading the word about fatigue awareness and the consequences of fatigue.

By Amy Shanahan; photo courtesy of Paolo Bettoni

Surrey Ridge resident Paolo Bettoni is a software architect who is passionate about sharing his work with the local community. Bettoni works for a company called PRISM, which has created an innovative software program that assesses fatigue in individuals.

Though the concept may sound complicated, it has tremendous potential for companies whose employees work shifts that are not routine. The initial product is being used at a mine in South Africa where workers may often work double shifts, but opportunities exist in the medical field, the military, the airlines, and any other industry where the health and safety of employees may be of concern due to the onset of fatigue. The PRISM software allows employers to assess the fatigue level of its employees, and to make recommendations to reduce the risk of accidents before they occur.

Bettoni is truly excited about his product. “Our bodies are regulated by biological clocks or circadian rhythms,” explained Bettoni. The circadian rhythms are the 24-hour cycles of physical, mental and behavioral changes that influence sleep patterns, hormone release, body temperature, hunger and much more. Bettoni continued. “We should all get eight hours of sleep per night and if we don’t, we experience sleep debt. Lack of adequate sleep leads to sleep pressure when the functions of the body start to shut down. The first thing to go is our alertness.”

More than thirty percent of car accidents are due to fatigue, and fatigue has been directly attributed to many worldwide catastrophes such as those at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and the Exxon Valdez. Bettoni feels that all individuals should be aware of their body and its natural rhythms. Scientists are discovering that circadian rhythms that are out of sync may be responsible for many ailments like insomnia, jet lag and even diabetes. “My mission is to evangelize the message,” remarked Bettoni.

To learn more about the PRISM software program, visit To reach Bettoni directly, e-mail



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