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New LED sign for Medved Autoplex pending approval

By Elizabeth Wood West with rendering provided by the Town of Castle Rock

The Town of Castle Rock may have a new colorful LED sign along I-25, just south of Wilcox Street and Plum Creek Parkway, to welcome visitors and dazzle drivers.

The 45 ft. tall LED sign will belong to Medved Autoplex (Medved), located at 1404 S. Wilcox Street. The overall size of the sign will be 760 sq. ft., with 500 sq. ft. LED panels on each side, and visible to both northbound and southbound I-25 traffic.

Medved will advertise sales promotions and local community events on the sign, which will be illuminated from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. The sign will be constructed of stucco and tile, and painted to complement nearby buildings.

Last February, the Town’s Planning Commission voted 6-1 to deny recommendation of Medved’s LED sign proposal. Objections to the sign included its size and obscuring of Castle Rock to I-25 drivers. More specific comments pointed to The Outlets of Castle Rock’s LED sign, which was approved by the Town last fall.

Town Project Manager Jason Reynolds said, “Medved provided a comparison between the two [LED signs] that helped visualize the difference. The Outlets’ sign is 58′ tall and the proposed Medved sign is 45′ tall. Due to differences in slopes next to I-25, the height of the signs as viewed from I-25 will be pretty close. It is possible that Castle Rock may be obscured by the sign.

The applicant has pointed out that many other signs around town obscure the Rock; they note that traffic on I-25 is traveling around 70 miles per hour/110 feet per second and any blocked views would be brief,” he said.

After hours of discussion and public comment both for and against the LED sign, Town Council voted to approve the sign at first reading of the application, but postponed a final vote at the second reading.

Reynolds said, “Council continued the Medved LED sign hearing to July 17 so that they could receive procedural advice from the Town attorney. [The Town attorney] asked for additional time to research procedural and legal issues about the Medved LED ordinance.”

For further information, contact Jason Reynolds at 720-733-3537 or e-mail



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