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Pandemic pups in Castle Pines

By Lynn Zahorik, courtesy photos

Photos of pups in Castle Pines
As more time is spent at home during the coronavirus pandemic, many people have decided to add a furry new member to the family. They are turning to animals for emotional support and companionship to counteract the challenges of social distancing, working from home and remote learning. Since March, a wave of canines has been adopted, fostered and reserved at an astonishing rate. As a result, pedigrees and mutts of all shapes and sizes are the newest addition to the neighborhood.

“We happened to meet our Jake after putting a down payment on a female German Shepherd,” said Shara Case. “We were told he would have to have his front leg amputated from a birth injury. The breeder didn’t know what to do with him, as he had been destined for police work but no longer qualified. So, we changed our plans and adopted him and he’s been the biggest blessing to our family.”

The Love family got their little Sophie from a business that was closing down. “It was a total accident that we were walking by,” remarked Meredith Love. “It was the best thing we ever did because it gave the kids purpose and responsibility when we lost our normal routine.”

For the Reichman family, quarantine meant inviting their adult children, and their new puppy Harley, to move home. High-spirited and loving, Harley has become a true companion to their older dog Zoey.

Forever longing to have a dog, Natalie Xikes wrote a letter to her parents expressing the sensibility of adding a pet to the family. “Dogs help us build up our immune systems and prevent sickness,” declared Xikes. “It is proven that kids growing up with a dog are less likely to get asthma, allergies and other illnesses. And of course, the most important thing is they are a true friend.” The Xikes family is now new parents to a cuddly pup named Basil.

The family dog is playing a significant role in elevating the happiness factor for many households today. Though owning a pet comes with much responsibility, for most the rewards far outweigh the labor.



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