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Parks Authority Looks to Include City Park Proposed for Lagae Ranch

Parks Authority President Sandy Colling presented preliminary conceptual design plans for Lagae Park to the Metro District on March 17. Colling also requested the Metro District transfer the $1 million allocated in the Metro budget for parks to the Parks Authority for use at Lagae Park. (photo by Terri Wiebold)

by Terri Wiebold

The Castle Pines Parks Authority (Parks Authority) is a governmental alliance formed in 2000 to plan, fund, and build parks and recreation facilities for the Castle Pines North (CPN) community.

The Parks Authority is comprised of two “members,” including the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and the CPN Metro District Board of Directors. A five-member board of directors with appointed representatives from the Master Association, the Metro District, the Castle Pines North Foundation, Douglas County, and a resident “member at large” also supports the Parks Authority.

Funding for Parks Authority projects comes from a number of sources including developers, grants, and donations. In addition, seventy percent of the yearly dues to the CPN Master Association are transferred to the Parks Authority (or $151.20 of the $212.00 yearly dues.) Once a new park or recreation facility is built, the Parks Authority steps back and the CPN Metro District takes over operation and maintenance of the facility.

How Will the New City Impact the Parks Authority?

With the incorporation of CPN and the formation of a new city government, the Parks Authority has been discussing its role in the future of CPN. According to legal counsel to the Parks Authority, Steve Brown, most cities have a department that handles this park function.

In March, the Parks Authority Board of Directors voted unanimously to amend its establishing contract to replace Douglas County’s member position with the new City of Castle Pines North while retaining Douglas County on the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity. Also included in the same vote was language to clarify that, in the event of dissolution of the Parks Authority, all distribution of Parks Authority funds be used for parks only. The amendment will now go to the BOCC and the Metro District for final approval.

In the meantime, the board continues its work to bring a new park to the CPN community. Among considerations are plans to build Lagae Park; to potentially enhance the amenities at the existing Coyote Ridge Park; to re-examine plans for Castle View Park (behind the Community Center); and perhaps even to open a new sledding hill for the community.

Parks Authority Considers New Plans on Lagae

At the Metro District meeting in March, Parks Authority Board President Sandy Colling presented the preliminary plans for Lagae Park to the Board of Directors. Colling also requested the Metro District to transfer the $1 million allocated in the District budget for parks to the Parks Authority to help fund the newly proposed park. Currently, the Parks Authority has approximately $3 million available for building future parks in CPN.

The board has also been approached by the Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District to participate in a joint park project called Wildcat Regional Park. In addition, a CPN community group has formed to re-visit the possibility of building a recreation center in CPN Leaders of this group made a presentation to the Parks Authority board in March.

The Parks Authority meets the third Thursday of every month at 9 a.m. at the CPN Community Center, located at 7404 Yorkshire Drive. Meetings are open to the public, and residents are encouraged to attend.



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