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Partnership of Douglas County Government

Information provided by Douglas County

The Douglas County Government Partnership represents 290,311 Douglas County citizens in the unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county. Almost 90 percent of the population lives in urban designated areas of the county.

In one-on-one conversations, service transactions, and community meetings, Partnership members are face-to-face, listening and responding to constituent needs every single day. They know their communities and their priorities and are willing to share what they know in the interest of working with one another as a team, acting in the public interest, and focused on the greater good of Douglas County.

On behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Douglas County and its municipalities, the mission of the Partnership of Douglas County Governments is to build and maintain relationships, foster communication and share information among local governmental entities for the purpose of identifying and achieving cost savings; improvements in operations, programming efficiency; and service enhancements county wide.

In an effort to better serve the citizens of Douglas County, the Partnership of Douglas County Governments has created a search portal to help citizens locate helpful information among the various areas within the county.

To learn more, call Matt Krimmer at 303-681-2324 or go to



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