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Passion for fashion – new club at

Article and photo by Claire Bauer; RCHS intern writer

Photo of members of Rock Canyon Fashion Club

What people are wearing and what’s considered to be in style constantly changes from season to season. What doesn’t change is the passion behind the fashion creations walked down runways with each change in the weather. Despite the past many months of the same sweatpants day after day, the desire to create remains a constant and is thriving at Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) with the new fashion club.

This club, sponsored by RCHS teacher Dayna Moore, is a way for creative students with hobbies, interests, or even career goals in fashion to gather together, work toward their objectives, and experience new things and opportunities in the industry.  Students are able to delve into key elements of fashion, such as design, marketing and advertising techniques.

The fashion club partners with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), a fashion school located in Los Angeles.  FIDM has high school partnerships across the country, which allow for nationwide conferences, competitions, shows, field trips, scholarships, and more to be widely offered.

The RCHS FIDM fashion club has meetings throughout each month, and members are responsible for attending.  When the club isn’t partaking in official events, they work together to brainstorm suggestions for the upcoming year – from projects, to goals, to even things like volunteering.

“We don’t have any upcoming events right now, but we are discussing many for this upcoming year, including fundraisers, a fashion week event at Rock Canyon, competitions and more,” said Madi Loucks, RCHS sophomore and fashion club vice president and head of public relations.

The club also creates an environment for students to discuss their fashion predictions and observations with peers who are potentially at similar fashion knowledge and interest levels.

“Everything in the fashion industry is moving at such a fast pace in today’s advancing world that we are learning to be way more open to unconventional methods, and more willing to accept change,” said Loucks.  “We are deliberately challenging the traditional structures of the fashion world, which is transforming the way people interact with expression.”

Keep up with the RCHS FIDM Fashion Club on Instagram @rcfidmfashionclub. New members are welcome year-round.



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