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Passion for the outdoors inspires profession to “heel”

Dr. Jessica Herzog, a CPV resident and Castle Rock podiatrist and surgeon, with her husband Ryan on a recent trip to New Zealand to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. 

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of Jessica Herzog

Dr. Jessica Herzog fell in love with Colorado during her foot and ankle surgical residency at the Highlands/Presbyterian St. Luke’s program in Denver.  Spending time at many different hospitals in the area made her appreciate not only the weather here, but the people.  “I love how the community here is open to new people coming in.  Plus, you can enjoy outdoor activities year-round.” Herzog said.  A podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon in Castle Rock, Herzog has lived in Colorado for eight years and Castle Pines Village for one year.

Before Herzog fell in love with Colorado, she fell in love with a young man she met at a Halloween party, who would later become her husband.  “Ryan was the guy in the corner propped against the wall not able to do anything because he was wearing two medical boots.”  Ryan had sustained seven stress fractures from an active duty injury as a special forces combat controller in the military.  Herzog was a freshman at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.  They had a long distance relationship while Herzog completed her undergraduate degree and Ryan his active duty in the military.

It’s possible that sympathy for her husband’s injuries may have encouraged her to pursue podiatry, but Herzog credits her interest to her grandfather.  Herzog said, “My grandfather was a type 2 diabetic and lost both legs.  I wondered what could have helped him.  It sparked my interest.  I wanted to pick something that you could diagnose and fix, where you would see the patient get better.”  

In her free time from her podiatry practice, Herzog enjoys working out at Canyon Fitness, running, hiking, cycling, and cross country skiing.  Herzog recently joined both a Castle Pines tennis league and a cycling group.  She and her husband enjoy volunteering through their church and at chamber of commerce events for Castle Rock and Castle Pines, such as the Healthy Living Expo.

The active couple also love to travel, and each year they pick a different state to visit for their anniversary so when they have reached their 50-year anniversary, they will have visited every state.  Last year they visited Oklahoma but because it was their 10 year anniversary, they also took a big trip to New Zealand.  They hiked in active volcanoes and went canyoning, where they repelled off of cliff edges, in and out of waterfalls which line the steep cliffsides.

Herzog and her husband are enjoying Colorado and especially Castle Pines.  Herzog said, “I grew up in a small town in Ohio and I see parallels between Rockford and Castle Pines.  There’s ranching in the area and people with similar upbringing and beliefs.”  Herzog’s entire extended family is still in Rockford; she is the only family member to leave.

With such an active lifestyle, Herzog enjoys helping others heal and “get back on their feet” so to speak.  Herzog said, “Douglas County has a population that wants to be and stay active.  It’s nice to treat people who are motivated to get better.”



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