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In a recent Castle Pines Connection letter to the editor, Brambleridge resident Donald Reese made the observation that, “We [residents in the city] are suing ourselves with our own tax dollars…Why?”

He went on to write, “I would encourage your paper to publish a future article reporting the total amount of taxpayer money, in dollars, that has been spent to date between the City of Castle Pines and the Castle Pines [North] Metro District on the subject of dissolution and integration, and how much each has budgeted in 2011…”

Mr. Reese’s letter, signed “Just plain old citizen,” was dated December 30, 2010 and can be found at in the “News” “Letters to the Editor” section, as well as his follow-up correspondence dated January 5, 2011.

Well, Mr. Reese, here it is. We are happy to oblige; much easier said than done, however.



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