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Re-Striping Changes Near I-25 Interchange

by Terri Wiebold

The Following information was provided by the Douglas County Public Works Engineering Division to provide clarification on the recent changes:

The recent signing and striping revisions on Castle Pines Parkway between Village Square/Charter Oaks and I-25 were implemented to more effectively balance the use of each of the eastbound lanes. By adjusting the striping, the need for motorists coming from west of Village Square/Charter Oaks to change lanes is reduced or eliminated.

Fewer lane changes equates to a safer roadway. Most motorists were accustomed to the previous striping layout and a brief adjustment period is expected. As motorists do adjust, the revised striping patterns will result in a more balanced and safer flow of traffic. Traffic Signs for I-25 on the mast arms of the traffic signal at Debbie Lane were added to assist motorists with the new lane configuration.

When the future connection of Castle Pines Parkway east toward the Town of Parker is realized, the volume and pattern of traffic will be re-evaluated. If necessary, the striping will be adjusted again.

For questions or comments regarding the revised striping along eastbound Castle Pines Parkway, please contact Douglas County Public Works at 303-660-7490 or e-mail



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