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Rock Canyon High School gives back during Wish Week

Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) students cheered at the Wish Week closing assembly in the RCHS gym on February 20 in celebration of yet another successful fundraising event.  Wish recipient Jeremy’s initial wish was for it to “rain hot dogs,” so in addition to fulfilling his wish to go on a Disney cruise, RCHS made it rain hot dog balloons!

Article and photos by Maria Pangalos, RCHS intern writer

Students of Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) flooded the gym awaiting the annual Wish Week closing assembly on Friday, February 20.  The students had a week to raise as much money as possible to grant the wish of this year’s wish kid, 7-year-old Jeremy.  Activities included a “miracle minute” of fundraising, sports events, benefit dinners around town, and even head shaving.

Student DJ Vida said, “The closing ceremony was my favorite part of wish week.  The speeches were really touching and it was amazing to see Jeremy’s wish fulfilled.”  Most students would agree that Wish Week is the most enjoyable and inspirational week throughout the school year.  

Student Lea McCaffrey said, “Wish Week made me appreciate life more.  It opened my eyes to the little tiny things.  The whole week, it wasn’t about who wore the best clothes or who had the highest social status; it was all about granting and making someone’s wish come true.  Now I see things differently because of it.  I learned what it’s like to come together as one school and have one single mission that everyone is passionate about.”

The achievement of RCHS’s goals have been absolutely remarkable.  For the six years the school has participated in Wish Week, nearly $300,000 has been raised for the Colorado Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This year alone, the students raised a staggering amount of $65,700, granting nine wishes total.  

Jeremy’s wish was to embark on a Disney Cruise, however, that wasn’t his original request.  When first asked what he wanted, Jeremy responded with “I want it to rain hot dogs.”  An unanticipated event took place at the assembly; both of Jeremy’s wishes came true.  Towards the end of the gathering, hot dog balloons dropped from the ceiling.  

An abundance of love and support for Jeremy came from all the students and staff.  A year ago, Jeremy was diagnosed with stage three lymphoblastic lymphoma.  Jennifer, Jeremy’s mom, said, “he had a tumor that took up the majority of his chest.”  Today, he stands strong and continues to fight with the support of not only his biological family, but his Rock Canyon Jaguar family as well.



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