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Rock Canyon High School Newspaper Staff Wins State Awards

The Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) newspaper staff took home the title of class 3A State champions for their 2004-2005 volume of “The Rock.” In total, RCHS won five first-place awards and five second-place awards, including second in the “Best of Show” competition in class 4A.

With 800 students attending RCHS, the school will be moving from the class 3A division to 4A with the coming school year. Jack Kennedy, adviser to the student paper, isn’t concerned. “More schools and more talented students should lead to better journalism. We will do our best to inform, entertain and persuade our readers, and the competitions tend to take care of themselves,” said Kennedy.

The paper began the year with 11 writers and a few students who wrote freelance articles. By the second semester, 22 students were working on the paper with hopes for additional students next year. Currently, the paper is produced by sophomores and juniors. Interested freshman take the introductory journalism class and RCHS currently does not have a senior class.

Students write, produce, design and publish the paper monthly. Stories pertain to a wide variety of topics that would interest the average high school student, as well as any person following current news issues.

Looking to the future of “The Rock” opens up many possibilities. “We are inventing our own traditions every issue. The staff consists of some tremendous thinkers and writers. We have great support from the school administration, great technology to work with, and supportive advertisers,” said Kennedy. Colorado is one of only six states with free expression law for high school publications. “We have no excuses for not doing a great job.”

To find out more about RCHS and The Rock, visit the school’s website at

First-place Awards:

General Excellence – staff

In-Depth Coverage: Special Section – sophomores Chelsea Long and Mike Dydyn

In-Depth Coverage: Center Spread – sophomores Susie Typher, Lindsey Skinner, Brielle Smith and David Nicol; juniors Kelsey Tobin and Taylor Miles

Front Page Layout – sophomore Susie Typher

Sports Photography – sophomore Jenna Scheirman

Second-place Awards:

Graphic or Photo Illustration – sophomore David Nicol

Sports News – sophomore Megan McNally

Personality Feature – junior Taylor Miles

Personal Opinion Column and Staff Editorial – sophomore Susie Typher



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